Monday, October 20, 2008

Better than MTV Cribs!

Hey all!

Sorry it has been so long since we have checked in. We have been busy trying to get baby boy Harris's nursery together. First things first...we have decided on a name for our little bundle. Our son will be named Isaiah Caden. Gabe has always loved this name and we tried many other names out, but they just never quite fit. We thought long and hard about this decision and we just knew this was his name. We love the meaning--

Isaiah- means salvation of God
Caden- fighter/companion

We have been busy with nursery preparations. I returned the girl bedding and picked out my fabric for a crib set. My stepmom will be making this for me because I could not find anything pre-made that I just loved. My colors are black, white and green. I am so excited to see how the bedding looks when it is finished. I am going for a very modern and clean look.

We went crib shopping yesterday and ordered our bed. My grandpa and grandma L. bought it for us and it was such a blessing. It was so much fun to go crib shopping with my mom and grandma (along with Gabe :) ). Here is a picture of the crib we ended up getting (please excuse the pink bedding they had in it) :

It should arrive within the next few weeks. I just love the simplicity of it. We will be getting black furniture to go along with the crib. I can't wait to see the finished product!

Oh and Baby Isaiah has been letting his mommy know that he likes to be awake at night. I will lay down for bed and that is when he starts moving all around. The first time I ever felt him I was lying on my stomach for just a few seconds and he did not like that! I think he was feeling squished and he began rolling around (or that is what it felt like) until I turned over. It was so exciting to feel. He is going to be a night owl I can already tell.

Just our quick update on how things are around the Harris home. We hope that everyone is doing well.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Pack Up Your Things... We're Going Camping!

Hello all! So as you saw below, we are going to have a son. Sorry the post was not long--I was in a state of shock. Happy shock of course, but very very shocked. The first thing out of my mouth was, "Umm... that's a penis!" My doctor just laughed and said, "Yes you are definitely having a boy, not a girl." He looked at Gabe, who was just as shocked, and all my husband could get out was "Wow, I wasn't expecting that." I think the doctor thought he was going to have to pick our jaws off the ground. It was an appointment I will remember for the rest of my life. Now that the shock has begun to wear off, I am so pumped to have a little momma's boy (instead of a "daddy's girl").

Now on to the camping trip. Gabe and I packed up and headed out on Friday evening for a weekend full of good food and lots of relaxation. Growing up, my dad used to take us camping all the time. We were that group you always laughed at because we truly had everything and a kitchen sink next to our tent city. My dad was a die-hard Boy Scout growing up, so he knows all the tricks. Seriously, my sister's husband was talking about when he went camping growing up they either had to eat Vienna sausages out of the can or catch something to eat. Growing up I just thought camping meant good food. My dad and his friends used to make the best food ever whenever we went camping. This weekend was no different. This pregnant girl (and her ever-hungry husband) had some yummy food: wild duck and boar kabobs, massive breakfasts (biscuits, gravy, eggs, bacon, sausage), drip beef sandwiches, and enchiladas. I will admit, this time we stayed in a cabin. No tents this time. But it brought back so many memories because we had stayed at this lodge many times before but not in at least 10 years.

So we got there on Friday night and just hung out by the fire with some of my dad's friends I have not seen in years. We all slept in bunk beds and everyone was laughing because I had my bed made perfectly within the first 15 minutes. Seriously, I went to camps so often growing up and this is what I always did first. I made mine and Gabe's bed (we were in bunks) and then headed over and straightened my sister's out some--it was not as perfect as I wanted it to be. :)

Saturday morning we decided it would be fun to go on a 6.3-mile hike. It was horrible! Not because it was 6 miles but because it was so overgrown and muddy that I was slipping and sliding everywhere. This was no "wow check out the scenery" type hike. We looked at our feet the whole time to keep from falling! My hands were clinging to Gabe's back so I wouldn't fall. About 30 minutes in, my Dad even came back and walked behind me so he could hold one of my arms while Gabe had the other. Luckily, about an hour and a half in, there was a place where we crossed the road and a few of us called it quits. We had someone from our camp come pick us up. We had only hiked a mile and a half! I just couldn't stop thinking: "I can't fall and hurt the baby. Watch where you put your feet Kara. Don't slip and fall..." So I decided me and the baby needed to head back. Gabe (the hardcore fitness dude) and some of the others decided to finish the trail.

The rest of the afternoon was spend reading and hanging with my sister and her husband while we waited for the brave ones to return from the hike. Gabe and four others finished the hike and we saw them about 4 hours later. They said the entire hike was as hard as the beginning was. Glad me and baby boy called it quits.

We got home Sunday and planned to start doing this yearly. It was such a nice time of just hanging with the family. We were laughing because next year if we do it, I will have a lot more to bring along. Just think: if we go next year at this time, I will have an 8-month old baby boy! So exciting! I know his grandpa is going to teach him all about camping.

Following are some pictures from this weekend. *Disclaimer* these were all taken while camping....that means all natural...NO MAKEUP! yikes!

*Keith cleaning up the cabin*

*Gabe and my sister Kim loving the outdoors*

*ha-Gabe being Gabe :)*

* Keith and Kim*

*my cute hubby*

*Dad and his girls!*

I am now working on my little boy's nursery. So in posts to come I will let you in on what I am thinking. Stay tuned...

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

well just see the pic below

No words for this one......
So to the 4 of u that voted boy-u should head to Vegas! :) We are so shocked right now...I think it will take a few days to process. Baby Boy is very healthy and looking good. I can't believe I am having a little boy! You know why Gabe is excited....he says now Batman stuff is applicable! haha