Monday, March 1, 2010

Isaiah's 1st birthday-post 1 of many

Somehow my little boy celebrated his 1st birthday on February 16th. It is amazing to me how fast this year has flown. It has been the best year of our life.
On Isaiah's actual birthday Gabe had a work trip planned so I was in charge of taking Isaiah to his 1 year check up. BIG mistake! I should of had a hint from the pictures I tried to take of him (see below) that he was not having it. I got lost on the way there (we had to change doctors due to insurance) Isaiah screamed the whole way and I was in tears also-this is before the appointment even began. Then we get there and the doctor procedes to tell me that Isaiah has an ear infection and he thinks he may also have RSV. They bring a breathing machine in and again I am in tears. This is not how my son's one year birthday was supposed to be. They sent me home with antibiotics and a breathing machine with instructions to do 3 times a day...all by myself because remember Gabe is out of town. Boy was I excited! We had big plans for his birthday that night that we cancelled and we just had a quiet night at home. Isaiah's Nana and KiKi came over though he was thrilled. He was laughing and dancing and acting like he didn't have a care in the world. We found out the next morning that he did NOT have RSV but I needed to continue the breathing treatments. I think during all of this I was just sad for him--sad that his big day was spent like that. But like I said he could of cared less. Just goes to show when you have kids things to not always go your way. They have their own agendas.

 At this point I gave up on the pictures!

 Here are some pictures of his first hair cut! He had about 2 hairs cut off :)
Next post will be all of his Birthday Party pictures--such an AWESOME day!